Many people know the statue, but do you know the man? The dedication near the base of the Hermosa Beach Pier is for Los Angeles County Lifeguard, Surfer and Youth Worker,Tim Kelly. He was a lifeguard who was looked up to by the young South Bay surfers. As one of the best surfers on the Jacobs Surf Team, Tim got big name surfers to donate a new surfboard to the year’s top junior lifeguard.


Sadly, Tim Kelly died in a car accident while returning from a surf trip to Trestles in the mid sixties. His death devastated the surfing world, especially in the South Bay. That’s why the Tim Kelly memorial statue was built and originally placed at Kelley’s favorite surfing spot, the Breakwater. When the Charthouse was built on the beach, the statue was moved to the Hermosa Pier. The Los Angeles County Lifeguards are credited with building a program based on the ideals of Time Kelly, a man who is still remembered over 40 years later!