It’s that glorious time of the year! The one Sunday we look forward to for 365 days is finally here. It’s the holiday (we consider it one) where we can drink tons of beer, eat an unlimited amount of greasy food and yell like complete animals while watching men tackle one another. Merica!  Super Bowl Sunday is one of the greatest traditions to celebrate regardless if you enjoy watching football or not. Whether you’re a diehard fan or you just enjoy socializing, chances are you will end up at a Super Bowl party or you might have to throw one yourself.

If you get stuck hosting the party this year, we have you covered! Throwing the perfect Super Bowl party sounds simple, but there are many technicalities that you have to consider. Should you get a keg? What drinking games should be played? Pizza or Nachos? These are very serious questions the perfect host must ask themselves. Lucky for you guys, we have developed a checklist to make sure you become the MVH (Most Valuable Host).

  1. Keep it simple. Leave the fancy-ness to Iggy Izalea. A super bowl party should be informal so your guests can sit back, relax and enjoy the game.

  1. Get in my belly. Food is probably the most important factor of the party. It’s expected to eat continuously throughout the game. With that being said, the food should be simple and easy to eat, such as: wings, pizza, nachos and burgers. It’s also good to remember that the food should be in close proximity to everyone since no one wants to get up during the game.

  1. We choose booze.  By booze, we mean beer. Period. You can’t throw a football party without beer or you will be shunned from society. We advise you to get a keg so the inventory stays high. Also, make sure to stay away from sugary drinks because no one wants to be hungover on a Monday.

  1. Arrange furniture. Location, location, location. Make sure you either rent or borrow furniture to accommodate all your guests. Most importantly, make sure the furniture is arranged so the TV is the main focus and no one’s blocking the view.

  1. Bets. Spice things up and make fun from some of the casual portions of the game. Here are some ideas on things you can bet on

    -How many times Beyonce messes up

    -The color of the gatorade that will be poured over the coach’s head

    -The score

    -The winner

  1. Drinking Game: We know there will already be a game to watch but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a game of your own. Bronco and Panther fans can play against each other on a game of beer pong or flip cup to defend their team’s honor.