It’s hard to miss the iconic Centennial Clock on Pier Avenue. The clock, which was custom built by The Fancy Street Clock Co., was placed in Hermosa Beach in 2007 to commemorate the city’s centennial. A time capsule was also buried beneath the clock in January of 2008. The stainless steel capsule buried six feet deep by civic leaders in January 2008 contains items from groups and individuals, including photos, a cell phone, a lawn-bowling ball and an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie on DVD. A bronze plaque attached to the concrete base of the clock says that the time capsule is “To be opened on the city’s 200th birthday, January 14, 2107.” The clock was donated by the Hermosa Beach Kiwanis Club, which also added a plaque to the base that reads “make time to serve our children and our community.” Although most Hermosa residents will not be around to see the time capsule opened, the Centennial Clock is sure to remain a landmark in Hermosa Beach for this generation.