Hermosa Beach’s latest addition to its restaurant scene is the Venetian-inspired Sosta. Sosta means “the resting place” in Italian and was opened by Luca Manderino, who is a long time resident and chef of Hermosa Beach.

Manderino was born and raised in Venice. He wanted to bring an authentic taste of Venice back to Hermosa Beach when he moved here. His first two restaurants, La Sosta Enoteca and Casa Vincenzo, were wildly popular leading to his third, Sosta.

sosta cucina

sosta cucina

Photo via @sosta_cucina 

Sosta serves Venetian-inspired Italian food, focusing on genuine service and authentic cuisine. The menu focuses on a number of smaller-sized portions, encouraging patrons to share their meals in a family style. Additionally, the chef provides plenty of recommendations, customizing the menu to any taste preference. Sosta is known for their delicious homemade pastas as well as wide selection of wines as they are also a wine bar.


A fun fact about the new Sosta restaurant: Manderino personally removed part of the flooring from the center of his first restaurant, a large hickory wood medallion, to form the main table in Sosta. You’ll see this incredible work of art when you visit the restaurant.


Sosta is located at 439 Pier Ave. in Hermosa Beach. It is open Tuesdays through Saturdays for dinner.


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