Cinco de Mayo was a day of sadness for our hearts and stomachs this year. It marked the closing of our beloved CANTINA REAL. Although we lost a great restaurant we gained insight into the buildings past. The demolition of the red tile awning unveiled original artwork which had been created for Pio’s Italian Restaurant, the buildings previous tenant. Blais “Pio” Real, the owner of Pio’s, remembers commissioning the mural in 1960. Although the name of the artist escapes him, he remembers the young man who worked at Supreme Paint. The mural stands six feet high and stretches 30 feet in length. It showcases a woman carrying flowers on top of her head and in a basket on her arm, a waiter carrying a heaping helping of spaghetti and meatballs, and finally we have a customer  enjoying a beverage while he sits at a table and enjoys the sites. This work of art was first covered in 1978 when Real remodeled the restaurant and opened it as CANTINA REAL. We can’t be sure how much longer the mural will be visible, so if you get a chance go by and take it in for all its glory!