In the past decade alone, PR has changed drastically. PR is no longer used for simply the media relations of huge brands and corporations. Social Media has become such a vital component to any small business. Just take a look at Fresh Brothers, they are expanding rapidly. What are they doing differently than the pizza place down the street? Well first off, their ads are everywhere and are catchy as can be. Their social media is amazing and engaging. They are killing it in the South Bay and now all over Southern California. However, not everyone is Social Media savvy. It’s common for busy business owners to lack the time, passion or interest to work on social media and blogging on top of their many other responsibilities. PR experts understand the mechanics of blogging and how to execute them.

That’s why hiring PR experts to strengthen your brand is a smart investment.

Here are some Social Media and Blogging tips from a local hermosa-born PR team, BLND Public Relations:

1. Be as authentic as possible when engaging with your followers.

2. Stay true to the brand personality at all times. This includes photos, posts and responses.

3. Treat followers and customers as you would treat your friends. Your followers will appreciate that and this drives businesses.

4. Personally thank every person who checks-in to your business or tags your business

5. Post behind-the-scene photos to show the company culture behind the brand.

6. Create a social media schedule and stick to it. Consistency is key.

7. Be generous with your knowledge to increase the value of your blog posts. This will keep readers coming back for more.

8. Every so often, create fun giveaways with customized hash tags to increase brand awareness and drive more followers to your sight.

9. Collaborate with other brands and bloggers. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, get introduced to different brands and increase your Social Media presence.

10. Have fun with it! Social Media is flexible and a fun way to share with others, gain new business and make exciting connections!