Today we experienced Poise Fitness for the first time, and now we are hooked! Poise is a new circuit training facility in Hermosa Beach that is sure to get your body ready for summer. The classes are an hour long, and are accessible for all fitness levels. The workout is designed to be fast pace and stimulating, but can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. The circuit training sessions are broken into three groups, strength, cardiovascular, and functional movement. Strength training is the only kind of workout that burns calories hours after you workout! Poise has designed their strength training to isolate each muscle group effectively and safely, sculpting your body. The second group is cardiovascular, which gives you benefits of an extended cardio workout. The last group is functional movement, that offers principles of Yoga and Pilates. Poise creates a workout that is not only strengthening to the core, but also to the tendons and connective tissue. These 3 groups are done for one minuet, over an hour time period. The instructor explains each section thoroughly, and critiques you individually, making sure you get the best workout possible. At the end of the class they offer you a protein shake, which taste great after a hard workout. Poise Fitness is offering free classes until March 30th! Its not too late to try it out, we will be going back!