“Our goal is to stay true to the essence of great pizza. If we can create sustainable pizza and Italian dishes that combine organic ingredients at an affordable price the whole community can enjoy, then our mission is accomplished.” –Paul Hibler, Co-Owner
Pitfire Pizza has made a name for itself in Los Angeles and within the pizza industry. Back in 2013 it earned Pizza Today’s award of “Independent Pizzeria of the year.” Known as a “place where foodies bring their kids,” this restaurant prides itself on its ability to attract multiple audiences. Last week we headed to the Manhattan Beach location and we were impressed by the high quality food and the fast, yet casual setting. At Pitfire, they take pizza VERY seriously! After all, it’s not fast food it’s a personal experience! The pizza dough is made from locally sourced ingredients and undergoes a two-day fermenting process; it is then baked to perfection in the wood fired ovens.

Pitfire focuses on the quality of their food, the experience and the unique design of each location. With 7 locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, they keep the menu small with the freshest food possible. The beer and wine selection are also small and handpicked. Pitfire delivers a hybrid counter service, which means you order at the counter and once you’re seated a server accommodates you for the duration of your visit. This hybrid counter service saves time and improves customer experience.


We tried multiple items on the menu and everything was DELICIOUS. Needless to say we left incredibly full and brought home one too many to-go boxes. The things we tried include: Pumpkin Pizza (seasonal), Fall Farmers Market Plate (seasonal), Green Eggs and Ham Pizza and Linguini Bolognese. Last but not least we ended with the dessert, which was heaven on earth! A hot fresh cookie served with Pitfire’s soft served vanilla ice cream. Topped with a rich chocolate sauce and sprinkled with sea salt.


Does it get any much better than that?

All in all, we had a deliciously PERFECT dinner at Pitfire. Special thanks to the Manhattan Beach team who made our experience so great! Check out their upcoming location in Pasadena.

Make sure to check out their seasonal menu items! Seriously, delicious is an understatement!


brussels sprout / Zoe’s natural bacon / fresh mozzarella

whipped cream / red chile flake / parmesan



roast pumpkin / sage / greens / fontina /

brown butter

pumpkin seeds & oil



house-made chicken sausage / kale pesto / spaghetti



roast mushrooms / herbed citrus bread crumbs

ginger tomato jam / ricotta / grilled rustic bread

roast brussels sprout / salsa verde

achile roasted pumpkin /garlic oil


Link: www.pitfirepizza.com

Instagram: @pitfirelovesmb