“Beach volleyball isn’t what we are, it’s who we are” – Founder & CEO Albert Hannemann

September 19-21 the National Volleyball League competed in Hermosa Beach.

NVL calls themselves the soul of beach volleyball. We are loving this league and what they stand for. Beach volleyball is more than a leisurely activity or sport in Hermosa, it’s a significant part of the lifestyle! NVL is a professional volleyball league created by players for players to create a sustainable future for pro beach volleyball across the US. It works hard to build a strong foundation for young players to achieve their dreams. At the moment, it’s currently the only national platform for current professionals and players of all levels to showcase their talents and pursue their aspirations in the sport.

The future of beach volleyball is looking bright as it’s one of the fastest up-and-coming sports in history! The tour launched in May in Dallas, Texas and it will continue onto October with Port St. Lucie, Florida as their last stop. Thanks for stoppin by NVL!

Link: thenvl.com