You may have strolled down Hermosa Ave and passed many shops, eateries and businesses, but have you actually ever stopped? From 14th street all the way down to Redondo Beach, Hermosa Ave is packed with incredible businesses that offer the community unparalleled services and a true sense of what it feels like to live a day in the life of a local.

What’s so special about these businesses? Their goal to bring a slice of joy and happiness to the South Bay and to give back to the community they thrive in. Jen and John of Locale90 are a prime example of why love, family and delicious food are integral parts of our beautiful beach town’s history and future.

It began years ago with a Palos Verdes South Bay local, Jen, and a newcomer from New Jersey, John. Together, they would host build-your-own pizza making parties for friends and family, consisting of organic ingredients sourced locally from farmers markets. Growing up, both had a deep appreciation for food, family, hospitality and design. These core values are clearly exhibited and upheld throughout their locations in Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach.

Beginning in Redondo Beach…

The duo opened the first Locale90 location in Redondo Beach, “With lines out of the door hungry for a new concept in the Village”, they quickly established a loyal base of locals.

Main differences between Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach locations?

The ability to be consistent in concept, but unique to the community. Although both are vital parts of the South Bay, each community has its own unique vibe that Jen and John refused to ignore. Being in Hermosa Beach for two years now, the business continues to bring Hermosa Ave an unrivaled Neapolitan pizza experience.

The secret sauce…

The ingredients (it always is!) “In the true Neapolitan tradition, we select our simple, whole ingredients and combine them by hand to create a product we know you will appreciate. We use “00” Flour, San Marzano Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Italian Sea Salt and imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (…) We use locally sourced and imported ingredients to create food for you to experience our love and passion for sharing a meal.” – Locale 90

Their main goal…

“We wanted to bring traditional authentic Neapolitan pizza to the South Bay” – Jen & John

The Hermosa Local team has tried a variety of mouthwatering pizzas, fresh salads and delicious dishes throughout the area. We have also had a chance to experience the true charm of Locale90 – the food, the atmosphere, the family behind it and their ability to make you feel like you’re home! Not only have their two eateries brought happiness to many South Bay residents, but they are also truly dedicated toward positively impacting the community through partnerships, events and philanthropic work.

Killian Shai Photography

Fun fact…

Ever wondered how “Locale90” was named? Locale in Italian means local. The 90 stands for two things: The Southern California zip code begins in 9-0 and a dreamy Locale90 pizza takes about 90 seconds to cook in their specialty ovens!

Cheers to a Hermosa Local favorite! Follow them on Instagram for more mouthwatering pics and updates.