Meet Richard, the man behind your favorite Easy Reader restaurant reviews.

What Makes You a Local?

Lifelong South Bay resident who went to Mira Costa and spent plenty of time hanging around in Hermosa when young, and documenting the dining scene when older.

What Do You Do?

What Do You Contribute to The South Bay Community?

A sense of perspective. I have been following the local dining scene in depth longer than anyone else, and have watched the transformation from a sleepy backwater to an exciting destination. There are still things I miss about the sleepy backwater, but on balance the changes have been positive.

What’s Your Favorite Place for Happy Hour?

I don’t have one, because I tend to be a late diner and happy hours are early.

What’s Your Favorite Go-To Lunch Restaurant?

That depends on the day you ask me! Some days I like something exotic, on others I can get really excited about a good burger.

What’s Your Favorite South Bay Tradition?

Despite the fact that I haven’t actually played a game since I was a child, I have to nominate the Hermosa Beach Lawn Bowling Club. On the occasions when I’m in the neighborhood while they’re playing I like watching them. It’s a genteel sport that involves finesse rather than power, and the movements of many players show the grace of a dancer.

In the age of social media, why does food journalism in the South Bay matter?

The question just before this was about traditions, and those are important when it comes to the local dining scene. A substantial percentage of South Bay residents have arrived within the last decade, and a reviewer who references and explains the culinary history of the area gives them the context to understand the place where they live. For local residents, reading an independent journalist over a period of years gives them a reference point. They don’t know whether any reviewer on social media has an axe to grind against a place or whether they work there and have been told to write a positive review by their boss (and yes, that does happen), but they know our coverage is impartial.

What do you love most about the South Bay?

Even though we have become much more a part of the broader Los Angeles community in recent decades, the place still has an identity. It’s big enough for a high level of diversity, in dining and everything else, and small enough that you can feel like you know it and can navigate it. When I was in my 20’s I traveled a great deal and I decided that if I found a better place to live I would move there. I never did, and never expect to.