Meet Daniel, the South Bay native behind M1SK and the new Hermosa Beach mural.

What Makes You a Local?

I was conceived on Broadway in Redondo and I remember when you could drive up the Strand on Pier Ave.

What Do You Do?

I am the founder and owner of M1SK. Our business is unique because we make apparel strictly for Southern Californians. So when we are designing something we aren’t concerned if someone from Michigan will like it.
photo by @richardpodgurski

What Do You Contribute to The South Bay Community?

I Feel we promote a sense of community and local pride. We recently just finished up the new mural on 13th and Hermosa.

What’s Your Favorite Place for Happy Hour?

I’ve gained 10 pounds since being at the mural site on 13th for the past two weeks drinking Hoppy giant schooners of beer at Tower 12 for the price of pint from during the hours of 3 to 4. Waterman‘s treats good as well.

What’s Your Favorite Go-To Lunch Restaurant?

Scotty’s because they have Root Beer, my boy loves Root Beer and its the best place to watch people while you’re eating for sure

What’s Your Favorite South Bay Tradition?

M1SK’s Annual Hey Turkey Day art show of course. It’s the day before Thanksgiving and everyone comes out to look at cool stuff on the walls and while drinking local beer. The IronMan is pretty ok as well.

What’s next for M1SK?

We’ve designed stuff for our brothers and sisters outside of the South Bay and plan to spread the good news to the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County.

What do you love most about the South Bay?

It’s the best little part of this Great Big Country, my whole family lives here and I have lifelong friends here….It’s home.
You can follow Daniel @socalsonly on Instagram.