Meet Chris, a PVer turned manhattanite creating delicious moments for South Bay locals.

What Makes You a Local?

To be a true local is to be a participating part of the community. It is to converse with other locals and improve the daily lives of others. My dad was born and raised in the South Bay, and I have been here my entire life. We have met so many other locals and experienced unprecedented numbers of events with these friends. I love surfing each morning with the local surfers, walking downtown to get a coffee and conversing with the local business owners, then getting a beer at a local watering hole with locals. It is the people you know and converse with that make you local. Do you make the community better? Do you know the other locals? If you do, your local.

What Do You Do?

We started The Rockefeller with the premise of specifically catering to the locals. The goal was to develop a brand that locals would feel comfortable to come in shorts or a suit. We trained to staff to converse and engage with locals. Captain Kidds has been a local landmark since 1976. It is one of the most unique businesses in the South Bay serving the freshest seafood. Not many businesses can claim that multiple generations of family members call Captain Kidds their favorite restaurant, ever.

What Do You Contribute to The South Bay Community?

I hope to think that I contribute happiness to the South Bay. I build restaurants so people can eat, socialize, laugh and smile with others. To bring the community together and make our towns bonds stronger.

What’s Your Favorite Place for Happy Hour?

Honestly? The Rockefeller. $5 select beers and wines (No one serves better craft beers) $5-$6 food. There are some amazing healthy items – Heirloom Tomato Salad, Veggie Flatbread. If you want to indulge a bit go for the Truffle Mac N Cheese, Queso Dip or these other great items – Street Tacos, Guac, and the infamous Sweet Potato Bombs. It’s one of the better deals in town – great price AND great food.

What’s Your Favorite Go-To Lunch Restaurant?

Since I am always on the go, I don’t normally have time to sit down and eat for lunch, so I enjoy a quick service place with great food. I would say one of my favorites is Mickey’s Deli (why go to Subway when you can go to a local restaurant, owned by a local and get legendary food!)

What’s Your Favorite South Bay Tradition?

My favorite South Bay tradition has to be the Hermosa Iron Man. There is nothing more local than hundreds of crazy locals gathering on the beach we love and running, paddling, then drinking a few beers 🙂 … I have told the multi-champion Jeff Bellandi that one day I will win this event, maybe I can convince him out of retirement?

What is new in your personal life?

I just got engaged and I could not be any happier. The calls and texts I got from people in the community filled up my heart with love.

Is your brother Scott Bredesen?

Yes, my brother is the infamous big wave surfer @ScottysGoingLeft

When will Rockefeller Redondo open? (1707 S Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach)

Rockefeller Redondo will open at the end of September and we will be offering Stumptown coffee in the mornings 7 days a week as well as grab n go breakfast and lunch items. Then we will also have our normal restaurant operations with dinner at 5pm 7 days a week and Brunch on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

What Do You Love Most About South Bay?

The thing I love the most about the South Bay is the surf. I have been surfing my entire life and have traveled the world surfing, but I wake up each day knowing how lucky we are to call this home and live so close to these beautiful beaches and waves.