Meet Albert, AKA Alby, the local who strives to keep the South Bay’s creative roots alive.


What Makes You a Local?

I can proclaim myself a local strictly based on my collection of “Old Tony’s on the Pier” fire chief drinking glasses alone.


What Do You Do?

I am the creator and editor of a young up-and-coming production company named “Ink block productions”. We take pride in our work, making our companies primary focus not just the quality, but the camaraderie .

What Do You Contribute to The South Bay Community?

Our services and contributions to the South Bay include creating visual and audio content that is formatted into a quality showcase. Our product provides a medium for a fun and unique style of visual & sound media while giving the public firsthand access to all of their favorite athletes’, artists’ and musicians’ work in the local area.

What’s Your Favorite Place for Happy Hour?

My favorite is when the sun is setting and “the locals” like to call it “the Golden hour”. There is no better place I’d rather be than “The Baleen Kitchen” located in the Redondo Beach Pier, King Harbor. It is there you can find me taking full advantage of their happy hour menu and enjoying a glass or two of wine. All the while soaking in the sheer beauty of the sailing vessels coming into port with a sunburst background lighting up the sky with rich colors of red and yellow embers – making it the perfect ending to a perfect day .

What Does the South Bay Mean to Me?

For over 25 years I have walked, ran, skipped and jumped these local streets as my personal stomping grounds. My name is inscribed deep into the cement and the ocean air flows through my veins with every breath I take . I like to think of this place as my personal sanctuary and home away from home. A place where thousands of people from all around the world come to visit and vacation. Just to experience for a moment in time. What I have been blessed to experienced for a lifetime. The South Bay is truly mystical and precious to me and my family.

“They may have flew here, but we grew here”

What do you love most about the South Bay?

Everything from the breathtaking views of the Palos Verdes Estates to the charm and character of the small surf town beach discreetly known  as “El Porto”. The South Bay will always hold a piece of my heart. It is deep rooted with our music, art and culture.