Introducing Madison & Berkeley, a young fresh brand that is taking the fashion industry by storm with super cute, fashionable and witty tees! We thought these hilarious, sarcastic tees would be perfect for the Hermosa Local brand and our following! As you know, Hermosa Local posts funny memes and pictures that we know our followers can relate to and enjoy. Madison & Berkeley has brilliantly taken memes and popular pop culture sayings and produced them into fashionable and wearable apparel. Our favorites include:


^ so true





About the brand:

M&B was started by two women who are passionate about fashion and wanted to create a line that was more Contemporary than their Junior line, Ten Sixty Sherman. After studying the marketplace, and identifying the “white space”, they pursued their ambitions of launching a young Contemporary brand.

The two creators met at a Mommy & me class with their daughters years before they got into business together. The daughters grew up and went to colleges University of Wisconsin in Madison and University of California Berkeley. Hence, the name Madison & Berkeley was formed!

M & B seeks to find inspiration everywhere! From the streets to the runway, to life, art, travel and social media. This young, growing brand is currently exclusive to Nordstrom. Although, they have been approached by several stores who are interested in carrying the line. New shipments of fresh new merchandise are expected to hit Nordstrom stores soon. Stay tuned for future developments!

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