Get ready, “La La Land” day is scheduled to return and will extend through a four day event starting on October 24th. The city is set to install the prop street lights used in the film as well as provide live jazz music, dancers and a movie screening. Given last year’s success of “La La Land” day, attracting thousands of people to the pier, the city decided to repeat and expand the event that will begin on Wednesday, October 24th and end on Saturday October 27th, giving guests ample time to visit the film sites.

Event Schedule:

A lighting ceremony, live jazz music, a screening of the movie, performances by professional dancers, and a lamp post ceremony.

Oct. 24th & 25th: Lighting ceremony and live jazz on the pier provided by The Lighthouse from 7 – 10 pm

Oct. 25th: La La Land movie screening and lighting ceremony from 7 – 10pm | Live jazz, professional dancers, info booths and a final lamp post ceremony from 3 – 7:15pm.

Oct. 28th: Lamp posts removal