“We wanted a place with great food, that was simple, local—no fuss…a restaurant that was genuinely Hermosa Beach, and that would remind us all of where we live and who we really are.”–Michael Santomieri, Owner


Greenbelt is brand new restaurant with a timeless concept. They want to pulse with the beach, health, and fitness culture that is the heart of Hermosa Beach! Working with the best local businesses that are as passionate about the product and community as they are, Greenbelt is excited to offer a Health and Wellness menu to cater to the demand for nutritious AND delicious menu items. At Greenbelt you can find clean California cuisine: delicious, healthy, locally-sourced, food and drink by the sea, in a cozy yet elegant oasis space at 36 Pier Avenue.

The concept of Greenbelt had been cooking for several years before it’s soft launch on July 4th, 2014.  A team of restaurant savvy South Bay locals were united by one vision: fresh, local, organic choices that were artfully done, incredibly delicious, and available in a restaurant that embodied the best of all that is truly Hermosa Beach.

The Greenbelt team wanted to go beyond the fast-food and burger joints available at every bar. They envisioned a genuine South Bay vibe, better product, fresh ingredients and great crafted beer and wine at competitive prices. They also knew clean eating and health had to be integrated into the easy-access, Hermosa-friendly menu, thus creating GreenBar.

GreenBar, created by Sammy Rose Moshiri — hot yoga instructor at Hermosa Beach Bikram Yoga, is their Health and Wellness branch that bridges the gap between bar and health. Their health cocktails are non-alcoholic health drinks and shots made from the purest, raw, organic ingredients. Each contain amazing superfoods and nutrients that are amazing for hydration, immunity, energy and detoxification. Perfect for times you don’t feel like drinking at the bar! Here’s the kicker– not only are they extremely good for you, but they’re delightful tasteful and visually appealing!

GreenBar offers delicious, undiluted Kombucha Dog (on TAP) and several health cocktails with a raw cane juice base provided by Raw Cane Superjuice. Greenbelt is proud to work with Kombucha Dog and Raw Cane Superjuice because they are just as passionate about the purity and product as they are. Kombucha Dog serves raw, undiluted kombucha, handcrafted with all local ingredients and fermented with cold-pressed juices. Raw Cane Superjuice serves organically grown, sugar cane and detox juices. The goal is to provide health options in a way that ensures ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can enjoy health by the pint.


Options include:

  • Green Mojito: A refreshing and alkalizing raw cane carbonated drink.
  • Sage Elixir: A healing medley of tea, raw cane juice and the master cleanse.
  • Sea Salty Dog: A cleansing and addicting combination of grapefruit and apple cider vinegar with the option of ginger/cayenne for an added boost.

In addition, their menu hybrids quality and variety with fresh and tasty vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options. Chef Laurent Saussy is the mastermind behind the dynamic menu and each polished to perfection dish. Influenced by his multicultural Puerto Rican and French upbringing, his talent to create from kitchen to plate is a testament to his “fusion swag.” Covering everything from a variety of appetizer shares, to elegantly assembled salads, aromatic pizzas, scrumptious sandwiches, and an impressive list of entrees.


Here are their top food and drink recommendations:


  • Kale Chicken Ceaser: Grilled rosemary-marinated chicken and poached egg lays amidst a fresh bed of kale, freshly-grated parmesan, and homemade croutons.
  • Braised Shortrib Pizza: Tender beef paired with a scattering of blue cheese crumbles on top of perfectly thin crust and our specially-crafted marinara sauce.
  • Farmer’s Market Vegetable: The best of local freshness is found in a seasonal vegetable medley, caressed with quinoa and a mouthwatering ginger-carrot.


  • The Hoptonic: A tropical IPA is a local favorite from Torrance.  The combination of west coast hops, citrus and floral notes, and toasted caramel.
  • The Prohibition Ale: An American Red Ale style beer. Pours a dark red amber, full of caramel malt with pine hops, and dark fruity notes.
  • White: Lagar da Condesa: A varietal white wine made from Albariño. It’s clean, bright, fresh, and savoury, with notes of apples, pears and delicate lemony touches.
  • Red: Their 2012 Orogeny Pinot Noir brightens the cinnamon scents and Asian spices with cranberry and Bing cherry aromas. The berry and toffee notes in this full-flavored Pinot Noir are both lush and silky, marrying in the perfect lingering finish.

Greenbelt’s menu changes with the seasons, adjusting their menu to make sure everything is always at its peak. The menu boasts a carefully selected beer and wine list, along with a cocktail list that will continue to grow. They aim to satisfy every tongue, from the simplest palettes to the most complex.  Whether you are looking for comfort food of exquisite quality, an exotic dish, the latest beer to blowup amongst breweries, you can find it at Greenbelt.


Greenbelt is currently collaborating with Hermosa Beach Bikram Yoga and other local fitness and yoga studios. They plan to recognize ALL of the Hermosa Beach fitness community by providing discounts and specials. Greenbelt plans to continue to thrive, grow and improve on all levels: food, drink and Greenbar. Perfection is a limitation, and with that in mind, their goal is to make sure their best gets better!

Greenbelt’s website is currently under construction, stay tuned!