Sadie’s Fitness is a brand spankin’ new pole fitness and cross training studio in Redondo Beach! They just opened on September 8th and we’re so happy we got the feature them just a couple months after their opening. They currently have 11 instructors who range from ages 19 to 49 with all kinds of backgrounds including: a UCSD med student, an aerialist of 3 years, a contemporary dancer of 11 years, two mothers, a special education teacher, a lawyer, a college professor, and the list goes on!


Sadie’s is different from your average fitness studio due to the pole dancing aspect. They also offer HIIT classes, contemporary dance, and a range of yoga styles. One of our favorite aspects however, is that they are dog friendly! If you want to feed your pole addiction without neglecting your dogs, Sadie’s is the perfect place to practice! Also, because they believe in community service, they offer discounts to those who go out and volunteer with animal rescue organizations in their spare time.

According to Laura, once of the biggest benefits of pole fitness is how it engages a person. The forms it can take are virtually endless. You can apply every style of dance, integrate seemingly unrelated types of movement, and start at any fitness level. Even if you don’t enjoy exercise to begin with, pole dancing’s ability to pull you in will keep you dedicated and motivated to stay in shape for years!


At Sadie’s you can expect an informal, welcoming and energizing experience. There is no front desk, so check in with your instructor, and if you’re early for class, just head upstairs to hang with Sadie or Red (their pooches) in the loft while you wait. Classes are fun and motivating, and usually end in lots of new friendships!

Sadie’s loves that South Bay is full of active people who aren’t afraid to try new things! The women (and a few men!) who come to Sadie’s are open-minded and adventurous so it makes for a great place to have a pole fitness studio because everyone has such a great attitude.